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20 May 2022

We discover new paths with the natural photography of Sergio Díaz. Get to know him!

Discover new paths with Sergio Díaz

Meet Sergio Díaz, a specialised travel photographer, able to merge photography, nature and trekking in the same concept, we introduce you to him!

This time we want to introduce you to the photographer Sergio Díaz and the wonderful routes, landscapes and trips he makes with his cameras Nikon Z6, Olympus TG6 and his drone, Mavic Mini. Sergio uses Madrid as a base for all his travels, and our hiking and mountaineering shoes and boots have been able to accompany him on his most recent trips, including Iceland and landscapes of the Canary Islands.

Sergio tells us that photography is about telling stories, feeling the present moment and connecting with the power of nature. But let him tell you about his experiences, and how he has finally decided to dedicate his life to this fusion of photography, nature and trekking. Here is his interview!

We like to discover not only new trails and paths, but also new talents, and we love landscape and nature photography. Stop what you're doing and surround yourself with great landscapes. Come with us as you get to know this professional through this interview we have conducted with him.


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Take a closer look at the work of Sergio Díaz

In our blog you can find a very complete interview with Sergio. He tells us about his work, photography secrets, tips for the routes, his future plans and tips for all those who want to get started in this world.

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