Top quality and protection with our laboratory

At Paredes we have achieved greater control over the quality of our products thanks to the opening of our new private testing laboratory. Its main objective is to subject all footwear that requires special control, such as safety footwear, to strict tests in order to offer you a quality product that takes care of you and protects you.

Do you know why shoes are tested?

The tests carried out in our laboratory by our professional experts serve to double check that the materials that make up the footwear, and the construction and parts of the whole, will satisfactorily resist the future inclemencies and risk situations to which it is exposed. Carrying out these tests also allows us to comply with the standard when the footwear in question needs to meet certain suitability or safety requirements, for example for safety footwear at work.

The 3 characteristics that our footwear must meet


We have always designed our footwear to be durable and to withstand the passage of time in the best possible way, thus avoiding early and programmed obsolescence of the product.


In addition to enduring over time, our aim is for it to withstand the different obstacles that we encounter along the way, and for it to be as safe and resistant as possible.


We know how delicate feet are, that's why we design our footwear to be as comfortable as possible, so you can finish your day of leisure or your working day with perfect feet.

Our materials

A large part of the quality of a shoe, boot, shoe, etc, is defined by the materials it is made of, and the way in which all the materials it is made of are combined and work in harmony. Working with the best materials helps us to offer you a cutting-edge product that meets your requirements and helps you to walk with total harmony and freedom, so that all you have to worry about is enjoying the journey.


Triple weather protection.

Softshell technology is a combination of layers (a micro fleece inner layer for softness and high thermal capacity, a polyurethane middle membrane for windproof protection, and a highly resistant and waterproof nylon outer layer) that allows better movement thanks to its elasticity, and offers protection against water, wind and optimal softness and comfort for use with a lot of movement.


The material of the stars.

Phylon or "moon foam" is an extremely lightweight foam material developed by NASA to make up the seats of astronauts on space missions, and was named after the sensation of walking on the moon. Its composition is basically EVA, but with a 30% higher specification that makes it extremely light, soft and with very good elasticity.


The inner membrane that takes care of the foot.

Paretex technology has been designed by Paredes so that your feet always feel dry. It is a membrane that is placed inside the shoe as a "sock" that protects from cold and humidity, protecting your feet in those environments where these two inclemencies are usually found at the same time, such as humid forests, river banks, high mountains, etc.


Dry and protected feet.

Waterproof technology protects the footwear from water ingress thanks to the composition of its hydrophobic textile material, an advanced material that repels water and does not allow it to pass through to the inside of the shoe. This external protection also helps to keep your footwear cleaner by not trapping dirt such as dust, dirt, pollen, etc. with moisture.


The shape memory template.

Feel superior comfort with our special Viscoactiv footbed, a cloud of comfort for your feet thanks to the special ultra-light, cushioned material it is made of. Viscoactiv helps to reduce the pressure on your feet when walking, so you are guaranteed to feel relaxed all day long. Its material provides immediate and lasting comfort due to its memory effect, and helps to walk without fatigue by adapting to the shape and footprint of the foot.


Maximum cushioning and comfort.

Polyurethane is an anti-fatigue material as it is made up of microscopic air bubbles. These bubbles absorb the impacts that occur when walking, running or jumping, preventing them from being transmitted to the joints. In addition, you will be able to walk on cold or hot surfaces as this material insulates from cold and heat, thus not altering the natural temperature of the foot.


Ultra-lightweight and ultra-resistant footwear.

The soles made of EVA are very light and help to reduce the impact of walking on the joints. In addition, due to its physicochemical composition, it favours the flexibility of the footwear as it is a very elastic material. TPR is a rubber-like material that complements EVA very well, creating a hybrid that gives footwear greater dimensional stability, much more resistance and anti-slipping properties.


The natural water-repellent material.

The Nobuck is a finish that is given to the natural leather to give it a velvety touch and that makes the footwear much softer. This treatment stands out for offering greater durability, resistance, flexibility and breathability compared to synthetic leather. It also has a water-repellent treatment, which makes water repellent and makes it harder for it to soak through the upper than regular leather.

Our technologies in I+D+I

In addition to the use of state-of-the-art materials, at Paredes we have a wide range of technologies that are implemented, in most cases, in our safety footwear, products specialised in protection in the workplace. These technologies are part of the continuous R+D+I process that Paredes has been developing for decades in order to offer you the best footwear for your working day. Our extensive experience as footwear manufacturers gives us the opportunity to offer you a product that sometimes mixes both worlds, fashion and safety, a hybridisation that results in innovative, modern footwear with the latest technologies in the sector. We show you some of them.

Sole with a density that provides more lightness and flexibility.

Dual-density outsole provides maximum cushioning, stability and durability.

Triple density anti-impact sole, which provides greater grip, stability and anti-slip properties.

Sole with flex grooves similar to sports shoes that provide greater flexion.

Integrated shock absorption system in the heel for maximum cushioning.

Outsole with a super anti-slip grip system optimal for wet floors.

Special certified anti-cut fabric level 4.

Knitted textile of high abrasion resistance.

High-strength mesh for increased breathability and lighter weight.

High visibility ultra reflective microfibre for dark environments.

Smooth, light and flexible microfibre.

Smooth, light, flexible and washable microfibre.

Quick release contact locking system. quick release.

Quick release system with easy release actuator and maximum adjustability.

Anti-abrasion and anti-scratch reinforcements with special high-strength coating.

Lightweight reinforcements in friction areas of the shoe to increase shoe strength.

Lining with high absorption power, hydrophilic quick drying and high wear resistance.

Waterproof, breathable and highly abrasion resistant inner lining that insulates from the cold and protects from the heat.

Insole pumping system that generates air flow, keeping feet dry.


Suela con una densidad que proporciona más ligereza y flexibilidad.

Calzado MonoConfort

Más sobre MonoConfort

Suela que combina dos densidades y que proporciona máxima amortiguación, estabilidad y durabilidad.

Calzado DualConfort

Más sobre DualConfort

Suela de triple densidad antiiimpactos, que aporta mayor agarre, estabilidad y antideslizamiento.

Calzado 3DConfort

Más sobre 3DConfort

Piso con canales de flexión similares al calzado deportivo que proporciona mayor flexión.

Calzado MaxFlex

Más sobre MaxFlex

Sistema de absorción de impactos integrado en el talón para una máxima amortiguación.

Calzado BoundFeet/a>

Más sobre BoundFeet

Suela con un sistema de agarre superantideslizante óptimo para suelos mojados.

Calzado TopGrip

Más sobre TopGrip


Tejido especial anticorte certificado de nivel 4.

Calzado CutLess

Más sobre CutLess

Textil de punto Knit de alta resistencia a la abrasión.

Calzado DuraTex

Más sobre DuraTex

Rejilla de alta resistencia que aumenta la capacidad de transpiracióny que aporta más ligereza.

Calzado HexaCell

Más sobre HexaCell

Microfibra ultra reflectante de alta visibilidad para entornos oscuros.

Calzado MicroFlash

Más sobre MicroFlash

Microfibra lisa, ligera y flexible.

Calzado MicroTex

Más sobre MicroTex

Textil especial con una combinación de capas micropolares, cortavientos e hidrófugas.

Calzado SoftShell

Más sobre SoftShell

Microfibra lisa, ligera, flexible y lavable.

Calzado WashTex

Más sobre WashTex

Microfibra hidrofugada con Teflón®, transpirable y repelente a la sangre y grasa animal.

Calzado WildTex

Más sobre WildTex


Sistema de cierre rápido con accionador de fácil liberación y máximo ajuste.

Calzado FreeLock

Más sobre FreeLock

Sistema de cierre por contacto de desprendimiento rápido.

Calzado FastRelease

Más sobre FastRelease


Refuerzos antiabrasión y antirroces con recubrimiento especial de alta resistencia.

Calzado HighImpact

Más sobre HighImpact

Refuerzos ligeros en zonas de fricción del calzado para incrementar la resistencia del mismo.

Calzado LowImpact

Más sobre LowImpact


Forro con un alto poder de absorción, secado rápido hidrofílico y alta resistencia al desgaste.

Calzado HighDry

Más sobre HighDry

Forro interior impermeable, transpirable y con alta resistencia a la abrasión, que aisla del frío y protege del calor.

Calzado PareTex

Más sobre PareTex


Sistema de bombeo en plantillas que genera un flujo de aire, manteniendo los pies secos.

Calzado AirVent

Más sobre AirVent

Your safety footwear.

Your reliable equipment.

For more than 25 years, we have been researching, developing, innovating and manufacturing the protective equipment that your feet need for your workplace. Paredes Seguridad's goal is to offer you a product that is prepared to protect your feet to the maximum in the event of an accident, always keeping in mind that they must be durable, resistant and comfortable.

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