Wayfarer, these are your footprints

the path and nothing more;

Wayfarer, there is no path,

The path is made by walking.

The path is made by walking,

and when you look back

you see the path that you will never

never to be trodden again.

Walker, there is no path but

but trails in the sea.

Antonio machado

We are the path we travel

In an anti-determinist exercise, Antonio Machado told us, and continues to tell us in his mythical poem "caminante no hay camino", that life is a path that is not defined, but that we are the true masters of our destiny, and that we are responsible for our steps.

Adopting a responsible attitude and leaving the past behind, provokes our movement, change, and with it transformation, helping us in the process to become aware of everything that surrounds us, making us in the end the true masters of our future.

This principle has always been part of the essence of Paredes. An attitude that we fuse with our love for our environment and footwear. That is why, like you as a walker, we love to enjoy nature and discover new paths, those that allow us to get to know ourselves and our environment.

We were born in 1954, but we still have the same passion and the same purpose since that day: to offer you reliable footwear that inspires your movement and allows you to explore your life.

Our path

Our path is a promise, an infinite line of stories that ascends from the past and lifts us into the future, that guides us in our steps and marks the path to follow.

Our path is the union of all our parts, our team, our products, our community, and above all you, who are the true protagonist of our history.

The team that makes up Paredes

Our values


The capacity to adapt, constant perseverance and the ability to transform are a fundamental part of Paredes and his team. We see adversity as a creative opportunity for change and improvement that allows us to continue progressing. We like those who do not give up, fighters, with dedication, passion, and perseverance.


We are close, open and honest people who support each other and constantly seek to generate wellbeing in others. Naturalness is part of our essence, and we firmly believe in empathy as a powerful tool for emotional connection that favours companionship, respect and union among our team.


We believe in people who are responsible, self-confident, decisive, capable of making decisions and acting accordingly. For Paredes, each member of the team is a guide, which is why we promote the empowerment of our employees with the aim of creating a collaborative, co-creative and committed culture that allows us all to evolve together.


We are inspired by seeing the bright side of things and sharing our time with lively, fun and enthusiastic people. We are a group of happy people, excited about what we do and dreamers, who work towards a common goal and enjoy doing it together.


We are constantly looking for ways to give and receive confidence and to make people feel safe. That security, which comes from trusting each other, guides us every day in our work and personal lives, and helps us to create much stronger, quality bonds and relationships between ourselves and others.

We were your sports and leisure footwear.

We are your trusted footwear.

We will be the thrill of movement.

Our mission

Our vision

To offer people a wide range of comfortable, safe and functional footwear that generates confidence and value through multi-brand spaces and an online shop.

To bring to the world and to families a unique and balanced product that provides value, emotions and positive experiences that inspire their movement.

A path made by people like you.

Our team

Many people ask us what our secret is for having been in the market for so many years, overcoming major crises or competing against other major competitors in our sector. The answer is very simple and has been clear to us for a long time: Our team and its more than 65 years of experience in the sector. Without our people, who are passionate about their work and give their all every day to offer the customer an excellent product, Paredes would not be what it is today.


Responsable de
producción y logística



Responsable de
producción y logística



Responsable de
producción y logística



Responsable de
producción y logística



Responsable de
producción y logística


Departamento de Marketing

Desde 1954 poniéndonos en tus pies

Did you know that curriculum vitae means "career of life"? At Paredes we think it would be better to call this document via vitae, which means "path of life". We don't see life as a career, but as an opportunity to enjoy this world, to explore, to find a fulfilling goal and to discover oneself.

And that is why we encourage you to tell us your story, because we know that a CV, sorry, a VV, does not reflect the true essence and story of your person.

Lo mejor de Paredes

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